5 thoughts on “An Ad That…Will NOT…be on TV

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  2. I like the info, but hate the unnecessary gutter language. I know it’s supposed to be woke or something, but for me (and I am sure others like me), it’s just ignorance and detracts from your credibility. As my platoon sergeant in basic told us many long years ago when we got our first 3 day pass and could go home if we wanted said: “And for Pete’s sake, when you ask your mother to pass the butter at the dinner table – DON’T DESCRIBE IT!”

  3. Hi David….Some people say “her face would stop a clock” others say “when I look at her, time stands still.” Different words same result? I would rather be in the gutter with Donald Trump than on a mountain with any Democrat. As my platoon sergeant told me…. SPEAK UP, TOLLEY!
    -Sheila Tolley-

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