An interesting comment……


If you flip a coin 17 times, the odds of it turning up heads every time are 131,072 to one.

And that is the exact probability that there was no political bias in all of the 17 errors in the FISA applications where every single errors went against the Trump campaign and no errors went in its favor.

We know that Democrats can’t “math” very well.  But only AOC could possibly believe that those odds happened out of pure chance.

And, to correct the lies that are being promoted by the empty heads on TV, Horowitz did not find that there was no political bias in the FISA application process.  His report says that the interviews and documents didn’t provide evidence of political bias.  So, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

What that means is that nobody ‘fessed up to their bias and, if they had any, they didn’t put it in writing.

That is a far cry from a finding that it did not exist–especially when you consider that the odds of it not existing are at least 131,072 to 1.


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