On My Soapbox…Pelosi Conscience/Brain Interview

Image result for soapbox free pics WRITTEN BY: SHEILA TOLLEY


As you know, our CONSCIENCE is an inner feeling or voice acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior. I personally believe God gives a conscience to every little baby that is born. Of coarse, as part of that package, God also gives us a brain. We train our brain as we go through life with the advantage of education and the exposure to life experiences.  Our conscience is that little imaginary person that sits on our shoulder throughout our life. It functions like a well trained parrot. It remembers everything and repeats it back to you, when you least want to be reminded.

I am sure you have heard people say, “I cannot sleep at night because my brain will not stop working.” Often times your brain is ready and willing to go to sleep, but your conscience is not at rest so it keeps your brain awake because it likes the company.

Can you imagine the many sleepless nights Nancy Pelosi has because her  Pelosi Conscience (PC) will not stop talking to her Pelosi Brain (PB)? Remember a conscience can be very inquisitive.

PC: Why did you wear that black dress to the House Vote on Impeachment today?

PB: Because this is a very sad day for America. We were forced to impeach the president of our wonderful country.

PC: You are such a liar, woman. You were not forced to do anything. In fact, a few short months ago, you even said that “Impeachment” was off the table. Why did you change your mind?

PB: I was forced to change my mind when more facts were exposed about Donald Trump from the Whistle Blower.

PC: The truth is not in you woman. The Whistle Blower was blowing someone else’s whistle who was also not privy to the conversation. You knew that. That whistle blower was about as trustworthy as Hunter Biden’s Stripper Baby Mama.

PB: Well, I had to trust my sources on that.

PC: Oh you mean your Pit Bull, Shifty Schiff. You enjoy putting your Pit Bulls out there to do all your dirty deeds for you, huh?

PB: Adam Schiff had a job to do, you should respect him. Quit calling him my Pit Bull.

PC: Well I don’t respect him. Keep in mind that the Senate has a job to do also. They are Dog Catchers. So tell me, why did you really break your word on taking Impeachment off the table?

PB: I already told you more evidence was brought forward by the Whistle Blower.

PC: And I already told you, you are a liar. You softened on impeachment because you were so afraid of “that little spunky AOC.” That little girl was using you as a whipping post with TV and social media exposure. You had Joe Crowley all groomed to be your replacement. He was a 10 term incumbent for New York’s 14th district. He got lazy like Hillary Clinton and thought he could not be beat. Then little AOC came in like a tsunami and beat your boy Crowley. She beat him with a voter turnout of only 20%. That probably means that a Republican will be in that seat after the next election. She knocked you out of the saddle and off your donkey that day, and you know it. You may need to purchase additional Ambien.


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