ON MY SOAPBOX…Go fund yourself, stacey



Whaddup, Racey Stacey ?

I have had many friends in my long life. I never divided my friends by skin color. They are my American friends.

Then the name Stacey Abrams popped up in my fine state of Georgia.

Guess what? Even after all these years, my friends unanimously agree that: 

‘You, Stacey Abrams, are the most embarrassing thing that has ever crawled out of Georgia’s Political Cesspool.’

You have taken the Georgia Trophy of Shame away from Honey BooBoo and Mama June.

At one point, my American friends did collectively write the following questions and would like your responses.

Stacey: What is your damn problem? Why do you owe $50,000 tax debt? Why do you have a credit card debt of $170,000? Why should you be anywhere near a state budget when you have such a horrible personal finance record? Why do you continually  live under a black cloud and scream REPARATIONS? Are you hoping that your ancestors who died 150 years ago will crawl from their grave and come to your rescue? Do you Re-imagine them in their grave with their hand cupped around their ear saying, “Shhhh, I think I hear Stacey Abrams calling…she may need more free money?” Are you mentally ill? Have you had a frontal lobotomy? Are you having a posthumous love affair with Jim Crow? Do you know that he has been dead for 56 years? Why do you dig up black bones but tear down white statues? Do you know that slavery has been abolished for 155 years? Do you know that equals 7.5 generations? If you and the Gang of Congressional Crooks get a nice fat reparations check, will you do as you should and bury it in your Great-(say Great 7.5 times) Grandparents graves? When did you last visit the graves of your  Great-(say Great 7.5 times) Grandparents? Does Basement Joe Biden like your choice of shampoo?  In the 2022 Georgia Governor’s race, are you running for Re-Election?

We await your answers.


The BLM/ANFIFA terrorists should quit tearing down statues and trying to erase history because…

that makes you eraseist.



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