ON MY QUOTEBOX…(Unabridged Version) Slavery never existed


“Well, well…..our weak-minded senators have decided to change the name of Fort Bragg and all other military bases which honor Confederate heroes. If you, as a Republican senator, voted in favor of this Elizabeth Warren provision….you are as spineless as a jellyfish. You are a maggot to American History. You should be ashamed to look at your own reflection in a mirror.

Check out Mighty Mitch McConnell’s opinion as he  broke with President Trump on removing the names of Confederates like General Braxton Bragg from military installations. McConnell proves once again that he


“If it’s appropriate to take another look at these names, I’m personally OK with that — and I am a descendant of a Confederate veteran myself,” he said. “With regard to military bases, whatever is ultimately decided, I don’t have a problem with.”

So, all you spineless wimps continue assisting  George Soros and the democrats in erasing history. Pat yourself on your cowardly backs. Don’t forget now, be sure and remove the word Slavery from all the history books. After all, without the Confederacy…we had no slavery, right? So perhaps after they finish erasing history, they can shut the hell up about their ridiculous reparations.

The Democrats have never forgiven the Republicans for making them free their black slaves…so they are already grooming their new group of slaves. Their new slaves  are currently living in Democrat controlled sanctuary cities all over America.

All you spineless senators continue to kiss up and kneel down to the BLM terrorists. Black Lives Matter will be short lived anyway. As soon as the democrats get elected, and they eventually will.. they will introduce all  Americans to their new and improved BLM.


They will immediately convert the 20+ million illegal immigrants to American citizens. They will immediately grant them all American privileges, especially the right to vote.

The Mighty Brown Wave….will shut BLM down so quick their head will spin like Linda Blair’s in The Exorcist.”

-Sheila Tolley-

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