Well Said……

Personal Protection

A liberal fella asked me what I thought he might need in order to defend his home and family from home invasion. I suggested a 9mm, a couple of clips, and a box of shells. A few days later he sent me this picture and asked me how to make it all work.

(Those Biden voters are not real smart.)



This should bring back memories to my fellow Baby Boomers….



WHAT HAPPENED, WHERE HAVE BLM/ANTIFA GONE ?  Liz Cheney departed because she didn’t fit in–here is a secret video.


Elise learned that to beat the dems you need to be united, and play ball.




Trump to hit the road.


Any movement from this creep to off the air is an improvement.  Maybe Cheney is replacing him.


The Israeli troops trick the terrorist.  Maybe BLM and Antifa have gone to the Gaza Strip to help Hamas.




These will stop the rioters, looters, and killers.


MENSA President LeBron speaks out.


Another repeat.



You can kill these imports, with no natural enemy, or they will destroy New Zealand.


Californians are just forgetful.



The Forever Editor:  Are you going to explain life for our loyal readers, LL ?

Just A Brief Explanation Cat:  Life is miraculous and wondrous.  I can’t explain most of it, but a couple of things I have learned are important.

All of us will die in a relatively short time.  Of the billions of people alive today, you will probably be missed by less than 50 family members and friends, when your time comes.

TFE:  That is pretty gloomy, how do you keep an upbeat attitude, JABEC ?

This works for me, life is temporary.

Maybe a few people in the government care about you personally.  99.9 % will say how important lives are, but it’s BS.  They might care about some hopes and dreams for a people or government but that’s it.

A few people like America’s Founders make a lasting mark after they die.  A few inventors leave a legacy.  A few rich people leave organizations that help people when they are gone.  A few people make contributions as religious leaders.

Your life is important to you and the family and friends you have.  The other almost 8 billion people on Earth won’t even know you ever lived or died.

You might leave some genes behind, but mostly that’s it.  This young adult could have had a meaningful life, but he is dead now.  Speeding, running a stop light, and the improper wearing of a seat belt.


This is bizarre, Kobe’s surviving wife is concerned that Nike won’t continue his contract.



TFE:  Are we just our experiences, memories, hopes, beliefs, spirits and dreams, JABEC ?

That’s about it.  We are all just passing through.  We buys our tickets and takes our chances.  These guys probably say it as good as anyone.  These 2 are best viewed on full page.

If you don’t believe in a greater power, this is it.  Peggy Lee’s song is for you.

If you believe in a greater power, this is for you.  You can get help.