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The dems are trying to make education and police a FEDERAL responsibility.  They are rights reserved to the states.

China will make the steel.  The Pennsylvania voters wanted Biden.

Jinping gets another apology.

These should be on the White House Menu.


Amazon and Bezos love terrorists, they are also buying MGM Studios–to further brainwash you and your family.

The CDC has been political since they got involved in gun control in the 1980’s.

Transgender hormones and surgery are dangerous.  The doctors are more dangerous.


The Experience Editor:  What have you learned recently, LL ?

The Curious Cat:  I have learned a bunch since Trump announced his campaign in 2015.  All of the corrupt agencies and businesses I have talked about for 7 years are still corrupt.  I have added 2, the American health agencies, and the Pentagon.

The CDC, Fauci’s group and the rest, didn’t even know whether masks were effective.  The Pentagon after spending over 10 Trillion dollars since WW 2, much on poison gas and germ warfare, didn’t have a clue about anything.

True or not ?

Phil has at least one fan.

Can America make its own solar-panels ?

Half of Americas are fools.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Total Lunar Eclipse from Sydney
Image Credit & Copyright: Peter Ward (Barden Ridge Observatory)

Explanation: The reddened shadow of planet Earth plays across the lunar disk in this telescopic image taken on May 26 near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. On that crisp, clear autumn night a Perigee Full Moon slid through the northern edge of the shadow’s dark central umbra. Short for a lunar eclipse, its total phase lasted only about 14 minutes. The Earth’s shadow was not completely dark though. Instead it was suffused with a faint red light from all the planet’s sunsets and sunrises seen from the perspective of an eclipsed Moon, the reddened sunlight scattered by Earth’s atmosphere. The HDR composite of 6 exposures also shows the wide range of brightness variations within Earth’s umbral shadow against a faint background of stars.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space