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Trump to start rallies.

A cease fire.


Alms for the poor.


Beijing tops NYC in Billionaires.

Fauci news.

More trans news.


The Question Editor:  Are you up to a few questions, LL ?

Smarty Cat:  I sure am, but first here is a little news from McDonald’s.

TQE:  Are there other things being done to help the less fortunate, SC ?

There sure are, one I like is J P Morgan and other monopoly banks are going to give credit to everyone, regardless if they can pay it back or not.  This will be like when the government made banks lend home mortgages to unqualified people.  Do you remember the real estate crash of 2008 ?

The government made the banks make the mortgage loans, just like the coming credit loans.  Just like then, when these crash the taxpayers will pick up the tab.

TQE:  A loyal reader wants to know if her health is in danger because she bumped into a Democrat at the store ?

MD Cat:  She definitely is in peril.  I would get a complete check-up including blood tests.  The creatures carry many diseases that aren’t visible.  Some are rabies, salmonella, herpes, STD’s, Ebola, etc.  If you don’t have the money speak in broken Spanish and tell them Nancy will pay the bill.

TQE:  Is there anything that an average conservative can relate to MDC ?

I guess mold on bread is close.

Tell the dems/creeps to go on down the road.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Markarian’s Chain
Image Credit & Copyright: Ginge Anvik

Explanation: Near the heart of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster the string of galaxies known as Markarian’s Chain stretches across this deep telescopic field of view. Anchored in the frame at bottom center by prominent lenticular galaxies, M84 (bottom) and M86, you can follow the chain up and to the right. Near center you’ll spot the pair of interacting galaxies NGC 4438 and NGC 4435, known to some as Markarian’s Eyes. Its center an estimated 50 million light-years distant, the Virgo Cluster itself is the nearest galaxy cluster. With up to about 2,000 member galaxies, it has a noticeable gravitational influence on our own Local Group of Galaxies. Within the Virgo Cluster at least seven galaxies in Markarian’s Chain appear to move coherently, although others may appear to be part of the chain by chance.

Tomorrow’s picture: the galaxy tree