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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Utopia on Mars
Image Credit: NASA, The Viking Project, M. Dale-Bannister (Washington University)

Explanation: Expansive Utopia Planitia on Mars is strewn with rocks and boulders in this 1976 image. Constructed from the Viking 2 lander’s color and black and white image data, the scene approximates the appearance of the high northern martian plain to the human eye. For scale, the prominent rounded rock near center is about 20 centimeters (just under 8 inches) across. Farther back on the right side of the frame the a dark angular boulder spans about 1.5 meters (5 feet). Also in view are two trenches dug by the lander’s sampler arm, the ejected protective shroud that covered the soil collector head, and one of the lander’s dust covered footpads at the lower right. On May 14, China’s Zhurong Mars rover successfully touchdown on Mars and has returned the first images of` its landing site in Utopia Planitia.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend



I like this law, it even lets parents sue officials if they don’t enforce the law.  I hope it also forbids the officials from using tax money in their defense.

Democrats prepare for the future.


This is an old article lost for a time in the dust-bins of history.  It is somewhat old, but any article in support of America never goes out of style.


Here is why we never believe any government.

These will be burned by the dems.

BLM and Malibu were made for each other.


This is an old Chip Chip foretelling the future with Jen Psaki before she had ” Circle Back & Biden is a good Catholic ” copyrighted.  They even got her hair right.  Jen also appears to be stupid and like a good Democrat, uninformed.


Slimy Editor:  Is this like the Elvis & Beyonce hologram, LL ?

Alley Cat:  It is pretty close.  If you play around long enough you can virtually see the luxury that we provide our employees.

They even get credit cards.  Just like voting–there has never been a single case of fraud.

These statues are being removed, 10 of the 11 were Democrats.  Pigleosi has as much hate for Trump voters as any of these people had for Blacks.

Here are photos of The White House Grounds.

Speaking of the Federal Government, it’s larger than you think.   Joe has already added a new Cabinet Department.

Joe and the rest of the dems wouldn’t know the truth if it fell from the sky.

Very few Senators or HOR representatives could work for an ethical company.

Cold weather delayed the Cicada symphony.

Since the dems don’t believe in a creator, here is their  ” end “.