Jerald Collman

Jerald Collman, who served in Vietnam, received the bodies of fallen soldiers as an Army Graves Registration collection point officer.


To all my Friends,

Why do we Honor Memorial Day?

Throughout our Military History we have honored our Fallen; this has been reinforced since WWI up to the present day. It is in our Military Core Values to leave no Fallen behind. All efforts are made no matter how long the time frame it takes to bring our Fallen back to the USA, or to a Foreign Country International Cemetery. To this day, we are still trying to retrieve our Missing in Action and we will continue to do so until all have been accounted. Our Military Soldiers understand at times they will go in Harm’s Way. Knowing America will do what ever it takes to assure, if they become one of the Fallen, they will have a proper Burial no matter the circumstances; it’s the least we can do for them and their families.

For me, this is a Holy Day. It is also an emotional day for me due to my own experiences in Retrieving, Handling, Processing, Transporting, Notifying Family, and the Burial for our Fallen. It is also a fulfilling day too, knowing Graves Registration/Mortuary Affairs from the point of the Beginning and Ending are always with our Fallen; they are never left alone and we are with them on their Final Journey with Dignity, Reverence, Respect.

I made a Pledge in 1970 at the Quang Tri Graves Registration Point I would never forget the Fallen sacrifices they made for the United States of America. It has and will always be an Honor for me to have served our Fallen.

I am sending this notice out early and asking each one of you on Memorial Day to take a few seconds to thank our Fallen and Honor them and their families for their sacrifices.

Jerry/Jerald Collman


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The Millennial Mission

“I think I have figured out something important. I am all into Science. I know much more about science than Fool-Fauci. This is my analysis:

About 20 years ago, we noticed an uptick in UFO sightings. I am sure the martians were coming down to take away portions of the millennial brains as they were being born. They took the cells that support reasoning and responsibility.

Now, you notice that we have another LARGE UPTICK in UFO sightings. They are coming back to see if they were successful in destroying a generation.

The martians will not be disappointed.”

-Sheila Tolley-




The Supremes will give the Rad/Lib/Dem/Comm/Cockroaches something to get them thru the Summer.  The Court is actually split 5-4 for conservatives.  Roberts is a liberal.

Gretchen is a witch.


A judge orders audit on some Georgia ballots.

A BLM activist was shot in London.

The Chinese will build our new infrastructure unless the law forbids it.


The Unknowing Editor:  Do you know, LL ?

I Don’t Know Cat:  Tulsi knows, 2 times in 6 years she has been a defender of America.

A few know the Wuhan Flu Truth will never be revealed by the CIA or FBI.

Notre Dame knows, they told Joe no.

The dems haven’t made masks a racial issue yet.  What is going on ?  They do like to read J.R.R. Tolkien.  It’s because he writes about slimy creatures.

I know that Democrats, the very rich, and Hollywood types won’t be audited.

What a trip.



That’s Entertainment….

“I have had four husbands……I like these dogs much better than three of them!”
-Sheila Tolley-



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