The Millennial Mission

“I think I have figured out something important. I am all into Science. I know much more about science than Fool-Fauci. This is my analysis:

About 20 years ago, we noticed an uptick in UFO sightings. I am sure the martians were coming down to take away portions of the millennial brains as they were being born. They took the cells that support reasoning and responsibility.

Now, you notice that we have another LARGE UPTICK in UFO sightings. They are coming back to see if they were successful in destroying a generation.

The martians will not be disappointed.”

-Sheila Tolley-


One thought on “The Millennial Mission

  1. How true, I am retired and still get up most of the time before day break, I enjoy watching the day light come alive, and the birds are welcoming the day. There is an aroma from the flowers early in the mornings, most people would not know or experience that. I am at my best early in the mornings. .

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