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The R’s should tell residents of these two states that they will keep them first.  You can’t vote for Democrats and keep tradition, haven’t you guys been awake for the last two years ?

Georgia school news on testing and admissions.


Chick-fil-A news.

This is a great idea.  The Roosters will be correct all year.

Free the tiger, I want justice, grrrrooowwwll.


I hope Welcome Wagons are visiting the new comers to mention that it is OK to vote Republican, or you get what you left behind.  It’s kind of like 30 million illegals living here and not assimilating into our culture.

Beware of these books.


The Cross The Road Editor:  What is the problem with Tyson’s Democrat Chickens, LL ?

Cluck Cluck Cat:  Tyson said that they bowed to the BLM/Antifa-Woke-Cancel culture pressure and replaced Republican Chicken Roosters with Democrat Roosters.  It was a disaster, they weren’t up to the job.  A bunch seemed to be  LGBTQAXYZ, and were more interested in protesting than performing.

TCTRE:  What did they do with the dem roosters ?

They are going to China, on Air Force 2, when Hunter goes at the end of the month to pick up his kick-back-payment.  They will sell them as Pheasants.  The guy selling dogs as wolves will handle the deal.

Foghorn will see that the new roosters do their duty.

Watch out for vampires.  In days gone by they were bats, like the ones Fauci’s employees were experimenting on in Wuhan.

Why did the chicken cross the Pacific Ocean ?

It’s philosophy.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Jets from the Necklace Nebula
Image Credit: ESA, Hubble, NASA; Processing: K. Noll

Explanation: What celestial body wears the Necklace Nebula? First, analyses indicate that the Necklace is a planetary nebula, a gas cloud emitted by a star toward the end of its life. Also, what appears to be diamonds in the Necklace are actually bright knots of glowing gas. In the center of the Necklace Nebula are likely two stars orbiting so close together that they share a common atmosphere and appear as one in the featured image by the Hubble Space Telescope. The red-glowing gas clouds on the upper left and lower right are the results of jets from the center. Exactly when and how the bright jets formed remains a topic of research. The Necklace Nebula is only about 5,000 years old, spans about 5 light years, and can best be found with a large telescope toward the direction of the constellation of the Arrow (Sagitta).

Tomorrow’s picture: jellyfish in space