Well, lookie here…

“# 43…George Bush…RINO WAR CRIMINAL, turned Democrat Socialist/Communist is stumping for  Lynn Cheney’s Re-election.

I hope he is not feeling too proud of himself. We know by now that:

WINDSOCKS are a dime a dozen!”
-Sheila Tolley-


Check out the following Utube video. Let’s bring  the Dixie Chicks back and toss #43 into the Traitor Swamp where he belongs!”


6 thoughts on “Well, lookie here…

  1. I lived in Dallas for many years, Uptown and Oak Cliff areas. Bush was well liked because he made his residence in the posh neighborhood of Preston Hollow and has his library is at SMU. Did the Dixie Chicks know something we didn’t? I doubt it, but now he and his family have shown us his true colors. It stands to reason that he is now a Demorat since one of his daughters is on the Today show. Years ago, Molly Ivens, the late, but great satirical writer from Austin anointed him “Shrub,” as in not big enough to be a Bush, funny stuff. I don’t think much of the man these days. Might as well call him “friends of Clinton.” Another note, I know the Dixie Chicks, Marty and Emy, but was lucky enough to know them before the little foul mouth joined them.

    • Hello Phil…We have been missing you…don’t stay gone so long between visits. There was a time I really liked The Dixie Chicks…in fact I liked them until they dropped the word DIXIE from their title name “All in the name of racial justice and to support George Floyd.” Now they are just a taller dwarf than #43 as far as I am concerned. I get so sick of hearing about this racial crap. I am WHITE, I have ZERO shame for being white, I have So…SO MUCH WHITE PRIDE. And these MSM fools and Democrats who want to blame white people for the ignorance of SOME People Of Color…as they condone taking math, science and history out of schools. LAWDY, LAWDY…If not for white people these people would still have bones in their noses and saucers in their lips as they dance around fires wearing their African animal skins and beating rocks together for music….They should take their Rap music and Hip-Hop back to Africa if they hate America so much.

  2. Sheila, I so agree with you on this but it will never happen just as the Clintons and the Obummers will be prosecuted and sent to the firing squad. America will be in a civil war before long as the Deamonrats will make sure of it so that they can completely turn it into a 3rd world state..

    • Hello Fred…Good evening to you. You are right. Third World here we come. I think our dominoes actually started falling when our parents allowed then to take prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance out of our schools, without protest. You give the liberals a little thread to pull and they have shown… they can unravel our entire country.

  3. I would love to see miss Liz or lizzard rhino down on the border with 43 being whipped back to the he’ll hole by our brave DIXIE cowboys. FUCK THEM ALL

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