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Generation Z ( Gen Z–born between 1997-2012 ).


Stacey isn’t a Georgia Peach, she’s a peanut ( goober ).


The Play It Again Editor:  Does The Sphinx support recycling, LL ?

Save The Planet Cat:  It does, look at this.  About 1,700 years ago writing materials were in short supply.  This star-map was written over because the writer didn’t have time to kill another sheep for the skin.

TPIAE:  Would something like that happen now, STPC ?

STPC:  No, now old writings are just thrown away, ignored or burned.  A good example is the Democrats ignoring the Constitution, Supreme Court, laws, and customs.  They would sing a different tune if they had to kill a sheep to make some parchment.

TPIAE:  The dems would use mud tablets like the ancient Sumerians.  They enjoy being down in the hog wallow slinging mud.

Daylight Saving Time is here.  Turn your clocks back, back, back, one hour tonight when you go to bed.  You will wake up Sunday on the correct time–Standard Time.

Here is a little history.

You could wake up a BILLIONAIRE.


Don’t cheat like these Cornhole players.  People will cheat/lie about anything.

We will never get the truth about the Pelosi incident.  Any evil person who can create 2 false impeachments, and a year long televised joke can cover up her husband’s situation.  I want the HOR so she can’t be Speaker, and the Senate so Republicans can veto her being Ambassador to Italy.  She can be a temp.

A Netflix employee wants Biden to activate the Emergency Alert System ( EAS ) to urge Democrats to vote.

Beto and AOC should open a dance school.

Twitter news.

Vote and take a friend.

Enjoy this non-political post….

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Lunar Eclipse at the South Pole
Image Credit & Copyright: Aman Chokshi

Explanation: Last May 16 the Moon slid through Earth’s shadow, completely immersed in the planet’s dark umbra for about 1 hour and 25 minutes during a total lunar eclipse. In this composited timelapse view, the partial and total phases of the eclipse were captured as the Moon tracked above the horizon from Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. There it shared a cold and starry south polar night with a surging display of the aurora australis and central Milky Way. In the foreground are the BICEP (right) and South Pole telescopes at the southernmost station’s Dark Sector Laboratory. But while polar skies can be spectacular, you won’t want to go to the South Pole to view the total lunar eclipse coming up on November 8. Instead, that eclipse can be seen from locations in Asia, Australia, the Pacific, the Americas and Northern Europe. It will be your last chance to watch a total lunar eclipse until 2025.

Tomorrow’s picture: inverted Sun day