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The Bee and Onion deal with death.


Lay down.


The Hollywood Editor:  Is this about Wakanda Forever, LL?

Old Hollywood Cat:  No, this is a couple of clips from the old and almost old days of HOLLYWOODLAND.

The first one is about the series that put ABC TV on the map, and a guest on David Letterman telling a story about The Lone Ranger.

The second is about a money making film series.  It has the first nude swimming scene in Hollywood.  The actress is on David Letterman about 54 years later explaining the movie.

Here are two videos of Nicole Kidman, can you pick the real one ?

A repeat of Jane and the Ape Man.  Nothing really changes about human behavior.

Saturday’s Powerball will be about 1.5 BILLION.


Nancy Pelosi has worse security at her home than we have on the border.  We will never get the truth.  No video from inside or outside her house.  No neighbors outside video, and no police officers body cams.  I’m moving on.  It’s a cover-up.


This is why the media has to be broken up.

The media wants you to forgive them for lying, cheating, changing the scientific facts. and many other things.  They are sorry.

Kentucky is getting their Blue Grass in order.

Ron makes one more speech.

The dems will hide Joe’s health until he dies on the podium.


Enjoy this non-political post….

Astronomy Picture of the Day

InSight’s Final Selfie
Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Mars InSight

Explanation: The Mars InSight lander returned its first image from the Red Planet’s flat, equatorial Elysium Planitia after a successful touchdown on November 26, 2018. The history making mission to explore the martian Interior using Seismic investigations, geodesy, and heat transport has been operating for over 1,400 martian days or sols. In that time the InSight mission has detected more than 1,300 marsquakes and recorded data from Mars-shaking meteoroid impacts, observing how the seismic waves travel to provide a glimpse inside Mars. Analyzing the archive of data collected is expected to yield discoveries for decades. But InSight’s final operational sol is likely not far off. The reason is evident in this selfie recorded earlier this year showing its deck and large, 2-meter-wide solar panels covered with dust. Kicked up by martian winds the dust continues to accumulate and drastically reduce the power that can be generated by InSight’s solar panels.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend