Hillary’s Millennial Theme Song



The Bee is reinstated on Twitter.


Bruce Springsteen fans must work in plutonium mines.


The Question Editor:  Why do cats live with humans, but not become dependent on them, LL ?

The Ancient Memories Cat:  We remember, in our genetic code, the ancient history of the Hairy Ones.  Any group who would kill their brothers over water at a mud hole or hog wallow is not one to trust.

We found that the species was capable of wonderful accomplishments, but deep in their DNA was a violent hateful power that could surface at any time.  Any time more comfort, power, sex, drugs, emotions are involved humans trusted by others will take advantage for their own benefit.  Airplanes owned by the government are good examples.  They should all be sold.

The fragrance of champagne was still in this plane when the director and others began using it to join the mile-high club.

Air Force One is even worse.  Sell it to any foreign government.  You can’t get it in the air for less than a million dollars.

Give the President the G550 to use and one of these for Marine One.

They could do maintenance on the White House lawn.  In today’s world the Cabinet members are probably comparing fishnet pantyhose and underwear instead of gambling.

All planes for government officials and cars/chauffeurs should be eliminated.  Fly commercial.  We know terrorism is a JOKEThe border has been open since 09-11-2001.

This song is almost out of date, now thousands just walk across daily.  Over 2 million last year.

This Colombian Judge should be in California.  She could sell Egyptian sheets for the My Pillow-sheets-slippers guy.


Keep it up Kevin.

Adams is watching out for his friends.  She gets a limousine and chauffeur.

Some of the FTX scam.


The HOR Republicans should be like rabid-baboons when dealing with the HOR dems.

Hopefully, this is my last mention of the cockroaches leaving the HOR until their obituary.

Not to be confused with fireflies/lightning bugs.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Germans don’t believe their government.

I hope no Sphinx reader believes the media without verifying what they say.

I expected no less.  The Republican HOR has to get serious.

CNN is full of lies.

A Lil’ Saturday Fun….