ON MY QUOTEBOX…Looking for a 4th party

It is official. Charlie Crist did take home one award last night from the elections.

After he got annihilated by Ron DeSantis…

He became the first person to lose as a Republican, Democrat and an Independent.
-Sheila Tolley-



Don’t forget all the SO junk and BLM crap.


Chuck/MSM can also disappear.




It’s a finely aged treat.




The Hard To Find Editor:  Does a cloaking device make you invisible, LL ?

The Disappearing Cat:  It/they sure do.  Here is a secret video from our archives.  Kirk and the crew were temporarily turned into Democrats ( Romulans ).

Politicians in America have many cloaking devices.  They can make the border disappear, or The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and any law they don’t like.  One thing that will come home to roost, like a Romulen Chicken, is the 31 Trillion Dollar National Debt. Here is a peek under the tent of how the politicians in the Not So Great State of New Amsterdam make things invisible.


Here is an old invisibility method used in early Hollywood.  The old hag on the table is Pigleosi’s mother.

I can’t wait until Tapper and Lemmoan disappear.


The government can make veteran suicides disappear.


 Florida and the East cost should keep an eye on Nicole.



Pennsylvania Democrats are in charge of the Powerball.  They had to wait on write-in, unsigned, undated, picks.  It’s rigged.



Joe and the Democrats are trying to intimidate the voting officials in Missouri.  Remember that you Republicans.  Go check Hunter’s computers.


This might be true, but the dems also needed a Black woman.  A video in our archive shows Joe making the decision.


Poor Liz & Adam, a beautiful friendship.  They can go to the free dem garrison in sanctuary Seattle.



Stacey is sad.



Many Black Americans are waking up, as are Latinos and Asians.  They want to walk to their mailboxes without getting killed.


The Rainers are still fighting Putin.  Maybe Putin and Joe will pass on the same day.


Filthydelphia, the Democratic city of Brotherly Love-take your gun just to be safe.


Maybe Vlad would make a good Mayor.


The poor woman remembers nothing.  It must be Post Dinner Stabbing a man in the back stress.  PDSAMITBS.


Don’t support these companies if you want to keep your freedom.


Musk cares about freedom.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Asymmetric Nebula Surrounding Wolf-Rayet Star 18
Image Credit & Copyright: Alex Woronow

Explanation: Why does the nebula around the star WR-18 shine brighter on one side? Also known as NGC 3199, this active star and its surrounding nebula lie about 12,000 light-years away toward the nautical southern constellation of Carina. The featured deep image has been highly processed to bring out filamentary details of the glowing gas in the bubble-shaped nebula. The nebula is about 75 light-years across. Near the nebula’s center is a Wolf-Rayet star, WR-18, which is a massive, hot, short-lived star that generates an intense and complex stellar wind. In fact, Wolf-Rayet stars are known to create nebulas with interesting shapes as their powerful winds sweep up surrounding interstellar material. In this case, the bright right edge was initially thought to indicate that a bow shock was being produced as the star plowed through a uniform medium, like a boat through water. Recent measurements and analyses, however, have shown the star is not moving quickly toward the bright edge. A more likely explanation has emerged that the material surrounding the star is not uniform, but clumped and denser near the bright edge.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space