Good Night Now…Toby Keith


I cannot quit laughing at this post….
My thanks to Fred for the contribution.

-Sheila Tolley-


In Fact, this is Premeditated Murder…

-Sheila Tolley-

For People Old Enough To Appreciate Wisdom

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My doctor asked if anyone in my family suffered from mental illness and I said, “No, we all seem to enjoy it.”  –  Especially me!! 

Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say, “Close enough.”

Being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done.

I’m a multitasker. I can listen, ignore and forget all at the same time!

Retirement to do list: Wake up. – I Nailed it!

People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full miss the point.  The glass is refillable.

I don’t have grey hair. I have wisdom highlights.

Sometimes it takes me all day to get nothing done.

I don’t trip, I do random gravity checks.

One minute you’re young and fun. Next, you’re turning down the car stereo to see better.

I’d grow my own food if only I could find bacon seeds.

Some people are like clouds, once they disappear it’s a beautiful day.

Some people you’re glad to see coming; some people you’re glad to see going.

Common sense is not a gift. It’s a punishment because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.

I came. I saw. I forgot what I was doing. Retraced my steps. Got lost on the way back. Now I have no idea what’s going on.

If you can’t think of a word, say “I forgot the English word for it.” That way people will think you’re bilingual instead of an idiot.

I’m at a place in my life where errands are starting to count as going out.

I don’t always go the extra mile, but when I do it’s because I missed my exit.

I don’t mean to brag, but I finished my 14-day diet food supply in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

I may not be that funny or athletic or good-looking or smart or talented. …I forgot where I was going with this.

Having plans sounds like a good idea until you have to put on clothes and leave the house.

It’s weird being the same age as old people.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be older… This is not what I expected.

Life is like a helicopter. I don’t know how to operate a helicopter either.

It’s probably my age that tricks people into thinking I’m an adult.

Never sing in the shower! Singing leads to dancing, dancing leads to slipping, and slipping leads to paramedics seeing you naked.  So, remember… don’t sing.

I see people my age mountain climbing. I feel good just getting my leg through my underwear without losing my balance.

We all get heavier as we get older because there’s a lot more information in our heads. That’s my story anyway.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Planet Earth from Orion
Image Credit: NASA, Artemis 1

Explanation: A Space Launch System rocket left planet Earth on Wednesday, November 16 at 1:47am EST carrying the Orion spacecraft on the Artemis 1 mission, the first integrated test of NASA’s deep space exploration systems. Over an hour after liftoff from Kennedy Space Center’s historic Launch Complex 39B, one of Orion’s external video cameras captured this view of its new perspective from space. In the foreground are Orion’s Orbital Maneuvering System engine and auxillary engines, at the bottom of the European Service Module. Beyond one of the module’s 7-meter long extended solar array wings lies the spacecraft’s beautiful home world. The Artemis 1 mission will last almost four weeks, testing capabilities to enable human exploration of the Moon and Mars. The uncrewed Orion spacecraft is expected to fly by the Moon on November 21, performing a close approach to the lunar surface on its way to a retrograde orbit 70,000 kilometers beyond the Moon.

Tomorrow’s picture: the protostar within

Good Morning….



Those greedy dems.


The View sux.


The Meteorologist Editor:  Can you tell our loyal readers what to expect this winter, LL ?

About The Same Cat:  They can expect about the same as last year, with a little fluctuation here and there.  I got that from the Governor of New York, I just changed the word murders to weather.  Like they say, it’s all in the context.  Here is what causes winter, and other seasons.

The Farmer’s Almanac predictions.

South Pacific ocean temperatures also influence the weather.

Trump announces as a 2024 candidate.  Secure the Herschel seat in Georgia, USA.

Be prepared for two years of Trump, Trump, Trump,—DeSantis news, news, news.  CNN might get some lost viewers back.


Lieawatha isn’t an A or B, she is a C.

I hope these woke-jerks lose.

The best of luck to Fetterman and wife.


This is a great idea.  MSNBC has already suggested Fetterman.  What a ticket.

The government is corrupt.  Some American voters want a corrupt society.

Ditch Mitch.  He is a rich Swamper.  The HOR needs some Hardball leaders.

The secret ship returns.

White people need to start suing the people discriminating against them.

Jay Leno is injured.*hvdvl3*_ga*NjkwMDE4MzAxLjE2NjQ4ODQ3MjY.*_ga_0DZ7LHF5PZ*MTY2ODQ1NTA1Mi4xNjcuMS4xNjY4NDU2MDIyLjAuMC4w&_ga=2.243224967.443833512.1664884726-690018301.1664884726

Steve’s sandals bring big bucks.

Trek’s comic book brings big bucks.

Life’s Weird Revelations…Part 2

Patriot Post MEMES