I failed to realize….

I have worked with a lot of very relaxed people in my life.
I failed to realize that I was actually among geniuses.
-Sheila Tolley-

The Sun Still Shines…

I know at times it seems that we are surrounded by Gloom and Doom. We must often search for good news about good people that have contributed to our world.

These slides were sent to me by my  E-Friend, Fred.

I thank you so much, my friend….for pulling me from the depressing quicksand of the midterm marsh!

With Much Appreciation,



The Pigleosi crime family is quietly making their plans.  This is a little screwy. I think they are talking about her daughter winning her congressional seat if the witch goes to Rome, Italy as ambassador.  No long term Democrat in the HOR would support a new member as Speaker.  Hopefully the Republicans will win the HOR majority.



Kari has it figured out.



Maybe Musk has learned that the Democratic-Woke-Radical-Left-toads can’t be satisfied.  Make Twitter Great Again.



Eye doctors.




Our word of the week.


Uvalde news.




The Everything Editor:  What is up for today, LL ?

I Don’t Like Losing An Hour Of Sleep Cat:  Here is how crackers are made, except Georgia Crackers, which is a racial slur.


R.W. likes Toyota.  I would buy their stock.  The Green Goofy People are already cursing them for not agreeing with their all electric dreams.  FJB and the Greenies.  The coming big scam is who gets to produce and install charging stations. I guess CHINA.

Charging stations are a jungle, you haven’t seen road rage yet.


Why did world leaders meet in an Egyptian seaside luxury resort? To ask for donations from Western Nations to pay poor people for climate change.  As usual over one fourth of the world’s population is not represented by China and India.


Send your money to me.  I will buy the world a coke and take care of the poor, like Bill and Hillary did with the earthquake victims in Haiti.  Half of the Voodoo Dolls, like this one, are in the likeness of  Hill & Bill.  That’s why she can’t win anything, the Haitians put a curse on her.


This might shed some light on what is going on in the HOR races.




We need people in charge who will play hardball, like the witch Pigleosi.


DeSantis has the right response to Trump, say nothing.  Trump is dividing the party by criticizing DeSantis and Younkin from Virginia.

New York just voted for 4 more years of the same.  Keep it up.



I will forgive the Left/Democrats but not forget that they are child abusers, and enemies of America.  Indict them.


Many media companies want your ad revenue now that Biden and the dems are in office.

Apple is a Communist tool.


This is one opinion.


More Egypt news.


I still don’t believe polls—Red Wave ?


Toons…New & Used

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Wolf’s Cave Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Gianni Lacroce

Explanation: The mysterious blue reflection nebula found in catalogs as VdB 152 or Ced 201 really is very faint. It lies at the tip of the long dark nebula Barnard 175 in a dusty complex that has also been called Wolf’s Cave. At the center of this deep telescopic view, the cosmic apparitions are nearly 1,400 light-years away along the northern Milky Way in the royal constellation Cepheus. Interstellar dust in the region blocks light from background stars and scatters light from the embedded bright star, giving the end nebula its characteristic blue color. Though stars do form in molecular clouds, this star seems to have only accidentally wandered into the area, as its measured velocity through space is very different from the cloud’s velocity. At the image bottom is the planetary nebula Dengel-Hartl 5, while red glowing gas from an ancient supernova remnant is also visible along the image’s right side.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space