Toons…New & Used

4 thoughts on “Toons…New & Used

  1. While I do not like the Doom & Gloom remarks, objectively, we must realize the demise and transformation the USA is facing —— and it is very deliberate.

    • You are absolutely right! Our country is in horrible shape now. I truly do not know the answer. This is not the America that I remember, loved and respected.

      • It looks like the R’s will control the House but do NOT look for them to fix, repair or correct the system(s). I cannot understand why the R’s are so damned timid. I guess they are afraid that some D might call them names —— may God forbid such a sin —— the R’s have to avoid that possibility at all costs by doing NOTHING —– AGAIN!!!

  2. The Republicans aren’t timid or afraid, they are part of the corruption. Leadership is perfectly satisfied with the status quo as long as THEIR power and influence remain intact + their relationships with their media friends. McCarthy spent millions of ‘dark money’ making certain that America First House candidates did NOT win their elections. Same with McConnell … they are not working for America!

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