Maybe the Pentagon should be transferred to the Department of Health.

This should help.


The Pentagon can swap tanks for Teslas.


The Age Editor:  Is this about how old, people or things are, LL ?

Not That Age Cat:  This is about age, as when something was prominent.  It might be the Ice Age, Stone Age, Middle Ages, now might be the information age.  The Ice Age must have been great.

This is a reporter explaining that the Age of AOC might be ending.  That would be a blessing.  It might be a precursor of the ending of the other Radical Liberal Cultural Ideas.

Now that I think about it, the age of the Democrats who are over 70 years old is, for sure, ending.  I can’t think of any young Democrats.  Tulsi is one, but she is now an Independent.  The other dems mentioned are LGBTQAI + or creatures created by the MSM, whose only goal is to spread their sexual preferences.

I like this guy.  He is an American First Person.

He was at the Congressional Baseball practice where the Democrat killer-wanna-be shot many Republicans.

One song for the Stone Age, and one for a more recent age.

You don’t have to wait with the Bee.

Another good ad.


With today’s media it is best to wait for reliable sources, maybe from North Korea, or Iran.

This is what the dems are left with.

Good news from Wisconsin.


Serious music fans might like this.

This is funny, the Democrat’s enemy is a practicing Jew.

The city officials are incompetent.

Diversity is discrimination against better qualified students.

New York might vent teachers with a Republican Governor.

Justice Alito doesn’t seem to be a fan of race based discrimination.

Stacey is a POS bigot.

It’s a shame that Pelosi’s neighbors can’t afford cameras like these people.  Infrared picks up night images.

Great Beer Commercial

Interview Of A Titanic Survivor

Lost Generation Palindrome



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Dark Ball in Inverted Starfield
Image Credit: Jim Lafferty

Explanation: Does this strange dark ball look somehow familiar? If so, that might be because it is our Sun. In the featured image from 2012, a detailed solar view was captured originally in a very specific color of red light, then rendered in black and white, and then color inverted. Once complete, the resulting image was added to a starfield, then also color inverted. Visible in the image of the Sun are long light filaments, dark active regions, prominences peeking around the edge, and a moving carpet of hot gas. The surface of our Sun can be a busy place, in particular during Solar Maximum, the time when its surface magnetic field is wound up the most. Besides an active Sun being so picturesque, the plasma expelled can also become picturesque when it impacts the Earth’s magnetosphere and creates auroras.

Tomorrow’s picture: nebular mystery