Good Night Now…Johnny B. Goode Music Video

Who did not LOVE American Graffiti? In case you did not know….the beautiful, mysterious blonde in the Thunderbird was Suzanne Somers. This walk-on part paved the way for her career.
-Sheila Tolley-


I voted for Katie Hobbs…

Words of Wisdom



Trump tried, but Congress is bought and paid for.

You need to win by 5.3 points to get past the Democratic Cheating threshold.


Be vigilant.

Violence in America is encouraged by politicians and the media.  Sanctuary states need a reeducation, commonly called, prison sentences.

A cat’s thought for today.  No people can be free when the media has a political agenda.


The Spiritual Editor:  Has America lost its soul, LL ?

The Virtuous Cat:  Maybe.  If the soul is a part of humans that lives past their death. Maybe many people have lost their soul or were never exposed to the definition of a soul. Evolutionist and others think the material life is the only existence.


If people like Kimmel don’t leave terrible memories in children, the teacher unions will do their part and cut off their sex organs.

Randi Weingarten and the unions are child abusers.  Her union conspired with the CDC and Biden to close schools.  They still support the gender BS for 5 year olds.  Instead of forgiveness, they need to be indicted and banned from public schools.

The Democrats policy of Progressive, Liberal, and no rules in places they control, leaves all of them without souls.  Union Station is one example.

Every culture on Earth has some form of a higher power than humans.  It might be a giant turtle or even a tree.

The Post is part of the Bezos Amazon Empire.

Amazon to lay off 10,000 employees.  Vote Democratic.


CNN hasn’t changed a bit, with the new personnel.


Ron & Casey don’t have an open marriage, like the Clintons.

Musk is having fun.

Give up your gas vehicles when Kerry turns in his private jet.

You would think a school would have a locked dumpster.  They reduce rats, germs, wild animals, scattered garbage, etc.  Fine the creep.

The teacher’s unions and Disney must be stock holders.

Run Joe, run.

A lying preacher is the worst.

What is going on in potato land ?