Good Ones



Whitmer is a POS-C.


Tesla solves their accident problem.

Pfizer is not gambling, they have government protection, and want to force you to take the vaccine.  That is a dictatorship.


The Republicans will be prepared.


The Snake Eyes Editor:  Do cats gamble, LL ?

The High Low Split Cat:  We sure do.  Usually we use dead lizards, snakes, and mice.  Here is a little history of gambling.

Here is some gambling that was shut down, once the press reported it.  The Press used to report on thieving, lying, commie politicians, but I guess gambling is an abomination.

I bet one dead lizard, this ring has already been sold.

The dems might have lost on their Latino gamble.  Latina refers to females.

The big banks gamble.

New York City’s gamble on a lawless society isn’t paying off.

The Democrats and MSM are feces.  They only care about holding power.  Biden is another case of abuse.  I hope he joins RBG today.  Anyone who believes the MSM is a fool.  The gamble was a flop.

The Media and Democrats are trying to divide Republicans with the Trump-DeSantis sniping.

Both should be focusing on Georgia.  Trump’s announcement is next week.


Mitch helped give us a Conservative Supreme Court, but has fallen short by approving Biden spending bills, and especially in failing  to support Republican candidates in New Hampshire and Arizona.


Loyal reader MST has suggested that Donald Trump be elected Speaker Of The HOR, you don’t have to be a member.  He could then direct the investigations, indictments, and impeachments. Nancy could give him her big hammer.


Nancy was Speaker once, lost the majority, and was elected again.  This is my last video of Nancy-the lying arrogant witch.  So long Nancy.  The guy who attacked Paul Pelosi is here illegally.   We want the video.

This is just a way to get publicity.  The show is taped, delete the screw up.

Those wascally Chinese/Californians.

Go figure.  With BILLIONS spent on elections someone should have it figured out by now.

Voters who elect creatures like this deserve what they get.  Take federal money from schools teaching CRT & gender BS.

Jon Benet Ramsey’s murder has been reopened.

Nevada’s governor flipped to Republican.

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