I visited with my best friend a short while ago. We are both in rehab from surgery….and this is how we roll!
-Sheila Tolley-

See rather than Look….and Listen rather than Hear

I hope you will click on the link below this MEME….
it is very interesting. It may explain some of the INSANITY that is going on around us.
-Sheila Tolley-



Awesome Pictures with Perfect Timing… Part 2




Americans will never get the truth about what is in any vaccine.  The drug makers are immune from prosecution–the government loves lobby money.


This guy is moving from Idaho to NYC since Hochul was elected.


The Land Editor:  What is the real estate news, LL ?

The Tunnel Vision Cat:  This might be the ancient tomb of Cleopatra.

Here is more news from the ancients.

This seems like a bargain.

More Oregon counties vote to become part of Idaho.

More Los Angeles property is sold.

This land will have a billion dollar property built on it because the ocean is rising.

The cryptocurrency is safe,  sure.

Joe is as crooked as Lombard St. in San Francisco.  The election wasn’t a failure.


Bring American troops home from Europe, send them to Canada.  Russia is a paper tiger.

The FBI/DOJ is a snake pit of corruption, but half of American voters want it that way.

I enjoy Musk and his improvements at Twitter.


Another court says Joe isn’t a KING.  Three courts have thrown out his school free tuition plan.

Musk to end free lunches at Twitter.

Google pays a $400 million fine, does it make you wonder how much they made by tracking your movements ?

Jeopardy has turned into a slimy-woke production.

Joe can’t work a full day, impeach him in January.

Brittney should not have taken a drug into Russia.  After the last 7 years I have no, none, nyet compassion for Radical-Liberal people.

Life’s Weird Revelations…Part 4

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Artemis 1 Moonshot
Image Credit & Copyright: John Kraus

Explanation: When the Artemis 1 mission’s Orion spacecraft makes its November 21 powered flyby of the Moon, denizens of planet Earth will see the Moon in a waning crescent phase. The spacecraft will approach to within about 130 kilometers of the lunar surface on its way to a distant retrograde orbit some 70,000 kilometers beyond the Moon. But the Moon was at last quarter for the November 16 launch and near the horizon in the dark early hours after midnight. It’s captured here in skies over Kennedy Space Center along with the SLS rocket engines and solid rocket boosters lofting the uncrewed Orion to space. Ragged fringes appearing along the bright edge of the sunlit lunar nearside are caused as pressure waves generated by the rocket’s passage change the index of refraction along the camera’s line of sight.

Tomorrow’s picture: ripples over Tibet