Patriot Post MEMES

The Dalai Lama Said:



Parents should take back their school boards or watch their children’s sex change.  They should decide their children’s education, or change politicians.

The Bee is back on Twitter.


The avatar might turn into a thief to pay back the losses for Metaverse’s wasted billions.


The Stupid Editor:  What is Baa Baa about, LL ?

I Identify As A Border Collie Cat:  It’s about sheep.  The most famous is Mary’s.

There is one for Black sheep.

This is as iffy as Pelosi’s assault story, and the 4 students murdered in Idaho.

In the past, fleece came from sheep/animals. Now, it appears to have morphed into another item.


I guess wool is animal hair.

Keep in mind fleece is now mainly made from oil.  What a trip.

Joe and the dems are behind the present vaccination/passport system of many countries.  It will also be used to enter schools, super markets, banks, etc.  Be a sheep if you want.   Vote Democratic.

You are being fleeced.  Liberalism is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Did you believe the dems when they said walls/fences don’t work ?  Do you think men can have babies ?  Do you know what a woman is ?   You can barely see the Border Collies herding the sheep, they appear as black dots.

Every time a dem is caught lying or stealing it’s an unintentional mistake.

T.O. knocks out a heckler.

The Chinese are protesting.


What a treat.  Take back control of The District and leave Bowser unemployed.  Scrub the BLM graffiti crap off the street.  Is this the capitol of America or a subway wall ?

This victim should have made them give his job back, in addition to the money.

Many Americans have trouble with the Black sign language dialects.

Hereeeees  Joey !!!


This is a Chinese Communist company.  Trump wanted to kick them out of America, but the dems love their bribes.

He is a good Democrat who wasn’t punished by Obama.

They keep violating the law.

Fight the slimy creeps.

CNN has even found money racist, time fits right in.  Maybe the cosmos is racist.

Does Judge Jackson know what Jack Daniel’s is ?

I hope PETA starts banning pit bull dogs, state by state.