Lori Lightfoot claims that she lost her re-election for mayor because she is a BLACK WOMAN in America.

What color was she when she won the election in 2019?

-Sheila Tolley-

4 thoughts on “ON MY QUOTEBOX…Do wut?

  1. It is always the same old tune. I could never understand why people elected her in the first place. I am so glad that she got Voted Out! Who votes for someone that looks like they escaped from “Area 51” I do believe that a lot of people woke up and saw that they, and or their love ones were in real danger of being killed because of the extreme crime rate, and the movement to get rid of police. Good Riddance, I was not from her State. But was sick of always seeing her on the TV.

    • She has always looked like the offspring of Beetlejuice and ET. Since Soul Train has been moved to the landfill of history….I have a feeling that Lori Lightfoot’s dance card will be empty.

  2. This is from a woman?? that has used race as a whipping boy to get rid of the police and destroy the city. I do believe she was and ugly shade of racist when she was elected.

    • Remember the old saying…”Pretty is as pretty does?”….Lori Lightfoot is definitely in the other line.

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