ON MY SOAPBOX…I Ain’t no ornithologist

I have a bird feeder in my yard that I fill and maintain all year.  I also have a bird bath. I enjoy watching the birds. That being said, I had to google “ornithologist” to be sure I spelled it correctly in my title of this post. So, for sure…I am no specialist in birds. I know cats are their primary natural enemy and that about sums up my bird knowledge.

BUT, I am sure that everything seems to be political nowadays and Cowbirds are Democrats.

Brown-headed Cowbird | Bird Gallery | Houston Audubon

These birds are infamous for laying their eggs in other birds’ nests. The female cowbird notes when a potential host bird lays its eggs, and when the nest is left momentarily unattended, the cowbird lays its own egg in it.

The female cowbird may continue to observe this nest after laying eggs. Some bird species have evolved the ability to detect such parasitic eggs, and may reject them by pushing them out of their nests. But, the female cowbird has been observed  attacking and destroying the remaining eggs of such birds. As a consequence, this dissuades further removals.

These are true facts about Cowbirds. It does not take a vivid imagination to visualize Cowbirds as Democrats. I would not be surprised to look out my window and see a bunch of them shoplifting my bird feeder. They may even paint CBM (Cow Birds Matter) in huge letters on my driveway.

Come to think of it, I will start watching these lazy democrat cowbirds more closely. I may need a whole herd (Clowder) of cats.

What do you call a group of cats? 🐈🐈‍⬛🐈 : r/cats

The next thing the cowbirds will demand is that we…..

Check out this link…I think you will find it very interesting.


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