Can anyone with ONE active brain cell, watch this 90 second clip:
still consider the Signature Verification in Maricopa County a valid process?


Katie Hobbs needs to get her Ballot-Stealing ASS out of Kari Lake’s office.
She has wasted enough of Kari and Arizona’s valuable time.
-Sheila Tolley-

3 thoughts on “IT IS IMPOSSIBLE…..

  1. Yes her Votes were stolen, and so was Trumps. I believe a lot of others were also. The nasty, Democrats.

    • You are so right. It would take Jesus knocking on my door and having a little “sit down” with me to convince me otherwise. That will not happen because OUR ELECTIONS are absolutely stolen and rigged. I would love to bake these crooked Democrats a “Good Old Southern Peach Pie”….come on in, eat up….followed by…”Hello 911…I have a possible problem…

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