ON MY SOAPBOX….When evil smiles



I love riddles. Do you like riddles? Here is a riddle for you.

How many Ilhan Omar’s does it take to screw the American Justice System?

Answer: Just one.

Ilhan Omar from Minnesota is the most corrupt politician in Minnesota history. Omar has already been forced to pay thousands of dollars for three separate finance violations, return thousands in kickbacks from colleges whose budgets she oversaw as a member of the Higher Education Committee in the Minnesota House of Representatives, pay back thousands of dollars she diverted from her campaign donations to pay for personal legal and accounting expenses, as well as, personal travel and lodging expenses to events in five other states, and she has been forced to pay a civil penalty for diverting campaign funds to pay for political travels outside Minnesota.”

Although already married, Ilhan Omar married her brother in order to secure a green card for him. This makes her guilty of immigration fraud, as well as, bigamy.

If you think all these violations bother Ilhan Omar, think again. After she married her brother when she was already married, she divorced her husband to marry her crooked campaign manager. It goes on and on and on. Open my closing link under her picture to read her recent violations.

But rest assured….After all these crimes and violations, she is still sitting there as the Minnesota Democrat Representative.

She remains in her seat….still wearing her Glad Rag on her head and still smiling. Because she has proven that….

Our American Justice System does not apply to her.




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