2 thoughts on “Obviously obama didn’t pay attention in 2015!

  1. Donald Trump was paying attention to all of this! He is a genius! We will be okay, and Bill Gates is going bye bye. The President is dropping the hammer. Bill wants world population control! He is the President’s enemy and just stepped down from Microsoft. He’s one of the deep ones! In my opinion… Gates made this thing! China unleashed it. Trump with handle it! As usual. Just some thoughts. Good morning Sheila.

  2. Donald Trump is my hero also, Jessica. He has had to fight the world and MSM ever since BEFORE he was elected as our strongest president. The left has tried everything to take him down. We will survive this and come back STRONGER than ever. Trump was not president in 2015…seems like obama would have listened to his buddy Bill Gates though, doesn’t it? TRUMP’S AMERICA WILL WIN THIS!

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