“I hope you will click on Continue reading and review these charts. They should concern every person who has managed to stay alive through this new Democrat/Socialist/Communist Holocaust.”
-Sheila Tolley-

VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 9/24/2021






I hope they hit a whale or Chinese sub.


Debt limit/ceiling.


American’s should quadruple their work at the local school board level.

Make the Supremes earn their money.

This is why politicians are for gun control.


The Patriots need to be campaigning in toss-up districts and states now.  Recruit the Latinos.

You never know.


Disney will pay ESPN’s expenses just like they do ABC, another company they own.

Joe’s America.


Thank Your Creator Editor.  Is McConnell your subject today, LL ?

Even A Blind Squirrel Finds An Acorn Cat:  Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett are better than a thousand Garland sleazy POS.

Thank your lucky stars or Creator that Mitch McConnell kept this POS off the Supreme Court.  Joe, MSM, the dems will destroy the justice system to get control of your children.  If you have been paying attention you already know it is on life support.

Merrick Garland reminds me of a person hanging around both rest rooms at a rest-stop on any interstate.

The Garland-FBI crap is another way to put parents in their place.  The dems want them to be too afraid to stand up to the CRT teacher BS.  The same story is true about the continued January 6 prosecution of protesters, when the BLM/Antifa killers weren’t prosecuted.  The feds want you to be sheep.

I’ve added another place to spot Merrick, at truck stop sleeping areas.  He would be a Lot-Lizzard or Sleeper-Creeper.

He should be included in the FJB chants.

TYCE:  Are vaccines safe, EABSFAAC ?

They are unless–they aren’t.

Merrick Garland wins both of our awards for sleazy and repulsive commie.

Finding out about your divorce in a gossip column is about the same as the grapevine.

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