The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Kamala’s daughter gets a boyfriend… A Disturbing Photo.

This is NOT a Halloween costume and they are not members of the Addams Family.

These pictures answer two questions for us: The third picture is an antidote.

Q.)  Where has Kamala been?

A.)  She has been in her laboratory creating Freaks.


Q.)  Is Olive Oyl still alive?

A.)  Yes. She lives in Kamala’s laboratory.

Just in case you cannot UNSEE those two pictures, this antidote should help scald them from your mind’s eye.

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Dear Terry McAwful….Parents are not telling schools what to teach. They are asking them “NOT TO TEACH HATRED AND RACISM!” You Democrats have really lost your mind. George Soros must be paying you Jack Asses really well since you are willing to throw your Virginia school children under the bus. I have learned to truly hate Anti-Americans like you.

-Sheila Tolley-