The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Kamala’s daughter gets a boyfriend… A Disturbing Photo.

This is NOT a Halloween costume and they are not members of the Addams Family.

These pictures answer two questions for us: The third picture is an antidote.

Q.)  Where has Kamala been?

A.)  She has been in her laboratory creating Freaks.


Q.)  Is Olive Oyl still alive?

A.)  Yes. She lives in Kamala’s laboratory.

Just in case you cannot UNSEE those two pictures, this antidote should help scald them from your mind’s eye.

comment image



Biden hates you, me, our children, and America.  This isn’t news.


Make The Supremes earn their money.


Mitch is trying.


Let’s turn Virginia red.

Take your chances.


The Supremes will have a notable term.

The only thing the dems and r’s like more than rolling on their back in a pile of feces like a dog is flying on private jets.


This might be the year for the UGA Dawgs—41 years in the making.  Scroll down to…….

Speaking of football, Urban Meyer, a pro coach, is filmed having a soda pop and consoling some sad fans.

This has potential.

SNL still suxx.


The Question Editor:  Are you still pessimistic about America’s future, LL ?

Answer Cat:  I sure am.  The most hopeful thing is a Communist Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Americans need a real catastrophe to start the country over–pass a balanced budget amendment, and a few other changes to get rid of lifetime political hacks and their robbing the country.  Almost every government institution is corrupt.


Our supply-chain is more like a pop-bead necklace.

Here is a video we play about once a year.  You can substitute pop-beads for marbles.

TQE:  Who is your creepy, slimy, politician with no morals for today, AC ?

It’s Chucky Plucky, what a miserable POS Senator.

Guns are selling like Illinois Senate Seats.

Um, Um, Good.



Dear Terry McAwful….Parents are not telling schools what to teach. They are asking them “NOT TO TEACH HATRED AND RACISM!” You Democrats have really lost your mind. George Soros must be paying you Jack Asses really well since you are willing to throw your Virginia school children under the bus. I have learned to truly hate Anti-Americans like you.

-Sheila Tolley-