Good Night Now….Mighty Quinn

“Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)” is a folk-rock song written by Bob Dylan and first recorded during The Basement Tapes sessions in 1967. … The subject of the song is the arrival of Quinn (an Eskimo), who changes despair into joy and chaos into rest, and attracts attention from the animals.


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The CEO of PEN America asks some compelling questions about China’s influence on free expression worldwide. In a recent Foreign Policy piece, Suzanne Nossel explains how China is “flexing its powers to impose censorship, of hard and soft varieties, beyond its own borders.”

Last month, Lithuanian officials were told to stop using Chinese-made phones after discovering they were programmed to censor hundreds of words and phrases Beijing considers objectionable. News articles sent to China for translation were scrubbed of criticism.

Hand holding a smartphone displaying the Chinese flag map and the word censdored

Most recently, Ma Chun-man became the second to be convicted under the new law. His crime? Chanting phrases like “Hong Kong independence, the only way out” on 20 occasions between August and November 2020.

China’s reach is broad, affecting scientific research, Hollywood, mass media, tech and education. Nossel proposes a three-pronged front to weaken China’s hold, which includes Western governments and democracies working together to prevent Beijing’s “growing sway over thought and expression in their countries.”


Of coarse, you can forget America doing anything that “Ruffles The Chinese Feathers” as long as the Democrats are in bed with them. I am sure our tax money paid for the bed.

In America, China will have to get in line anyway….we already have The Gods of Censorship manipulating and deleting our thoughts and opinions.

We have Google God, Facebook Freak, Twitter Caveman and MSM. It looks like China will have to wait in line longer than it will take PINO Biden to finish a coherent sentence.



-Sheila Tolley-







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This isn’t complicated, any Basic Training graduate or Eagle Scout could care for guns.  If I had thumbs even I could.


We can’t give much information on actual Trick or Treating because of masks, what day, etc.   This is early so you can get prepared or leave home.   WOOOOOOO.

Sexy costumes.


The Great Pumpkin Editor:  Are you ready for Halloween, LL ?

I sure am.  Here is some history

Nancy and Maxine have scared off a lot of witches, many are going to Bermuda for vacation.

Here are some spooky beliefs.


The Royal Editor:  What’s going on with Queens, LL ?

Duchess Cat:  Queen Elizabeth 2 went to the hospital for a day or two.  She is dedicated in her duty to The Commonwealth.

Another Queen was a Queen of the cat-walk in the last century, 22 years ago–for our loyal Oregon readers.

Catherine was a heroine instead of queen.

A Japanese Princess gives up her title for love.

Another royal to give up a title for love was Edward VIII of England.

Make sure you aren’t misgendered.