Good Night Now…Born To Be Wild

They should have taken this suggestion more seriously…

It’s coming….





This is sweet! Just click it on Ticket…


Ticket Without A Seat



What they say?

Evidently, this tribe missed the Brandon Brown NASCAR race in Talladega!
-Sheila Tolley-






This is why union teachers and dems want to control your child’s school curriculum.


Fauci is OK with the Democratic group.  They treat the beagles and monkeys like they treat our children.


The Baldwin Diary.  The death and wounding of another employee is Alec’s fault.  He was one of the producers, and should have checked the gun.  The film crew was acting like Pigleosi was in charge.  She has killed many more people.


SNL does Biden-FJB.


This is the only good news from Seattle in 10 years.  Most photos have no sound.!

The NFL ends race-based testing on Black Americans, gives them another Black National Anthem, and their own water fountains.

Reasons to turn in your guns.


Democrat trees can kill you, their root system is weak and they go with the wind.

There is no Chinese punishment too small for the Communist Dictators.


The Accurate Editor:  Is the State Department a fuster cluck, LL ?

SNAFU Cat:  It sure is, we have citizens still in Kabul, North Korea firing missiles, China trying to take over the Pacific, Americans are short of food, jobs, money, honest politicians, truck drivers, truck fuel, and almost everything else.  The State Department has national pronoun day.

An old sword is located.

This is how the feds/social media spy on you.  The second link is an actual case submitted by Internet Reporter Robert W.

Kids are getting rich, on a Chinese social site.

Big fish visit Big Apple.

The people with enough money will have protection from the LiberaldemocraticcommieKarlMarxbootlickers.

You get this result when the American, not New York, taxpayers pay for junk projects–make de Blasio and Cuomo reimburse us.

An unusual star is discovered.

And another, from Zebulon, Georgia, USA.