Good Night Now…..Ray Stevens-Along Came Jones (LIVE Andy Williams)

An Informative Forty-Four Seconds Video

How Damn Stupid Can These Democrat/Socialist/Communist Fools Be? The Answer is…as STUPID as voters allow them to be.
While obama and Soros Smile.”

-Sheila Tolley-







Part 1.

More Biden/dem/msm inflation.

This woman is crazy.  I wish I could print larger type.


This is why the dems are butt buddies with the MSM.  They get permission from these people to use the bathroom.


Elections count.

Pigleosi is heckled in Rome.

An early or late Halloween story.

Even a commie like Chris is tired of lies from the dems/Joe.


The Financial Editor:  Can you explain inflation to our loyal readers in Oregon, where they don’t teach reading, math, or science, LL ?

The Smarty Cat:  I sure can, basically it is just like this.  A BLM/Antifa arsonist wants a gallon of gas, in Portland, to burn down the Federal Courthouse.  He goes to his friendly gas station and the gas is $3.74 a gallon.  He/she/they are puzzled.  When Trump and his policies left office gas was $2.10 a gallon.

Scroll down to 2020-NOV for the price.

Everything in America is delivered by a boat, plane, or truck which use gas.  The Biden/dem/MSM government’s policies have made gas more expensive.  The same applies to every product or service in America.

TFE:  Will prices keep going up, TSC ?


They sure will.  Salaries will stay the same.  If the aforementioned customer wants a reasonable costing fire they should read our archive about Fat Wood.  The Bidenese Cult will keep saying everything is temporary.  Here are some links.

Most of these problems would be non-existent if CONGRESS hadn’t been bought off by our companies and CHINA.  Eat your Apple Phone, if you can get it unloaded in California.

Everything about this administration is fake.  Where are Doctor Jill and Cujo ?

Even Pumpkin Spice prices are rising.

Get your mask, vaxx passport, and hit the road–while the gas lasts.





Today’s Accidental Invention…Post-it Note

As the Post-it website tells it, 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver was doing research on strong adhesives when he came across quite the opposite: one that “stuck lightly to surfaces but didn’t bond tightly to them.” Silver initially had no idea what to do with his discovery, but years later another 3M scientist, Art Fry, came to him with the idea to create a bookmark that could stick to paper without damaging it. Eventually, that bookmark became the Post-it note.

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