In A German Zoo

Had not thought of this aspect of COVID.  The animals love watching us as much as we love watching them. It it stimulation and we all NEED that!

During the pandemic, the animals in a zoo in Germany were depressed and never left their dens.

Nobody went there anymore, not children not adults.  The zoo remained empty. 

So the zookeeper called a pianist to play for them.  The pianist composed this piece specifically for the animals.
See what happened.

2 thoughts on “In A German Zoo

  1. I love this, I think people do not realize just how much animals do enjoy music. I always leave the radio on for my Parrot when I go away for the day. I saw another u tube some time ago where a guy was going out to a field and played his horn / sax something like that, and all the cattle came around to enjoy. Be kind to your animal and give them music.

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