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Whoa! This is too spooky!

Wait to see destruction after screen blackens and picture reappears again!

This is an extraordinary video, taken automatically from a home installed camera showing New Zealand’s White Island volcano eruption on 9 Dec 2019. 18 people died. Please wait for about 24 seconds when nature’s roar begins and, most importantly, wait another 20+ seconds after the blackout – you think the video has ended but it hasn’t and the screen clears to reveal the devastation.



The Chinese coronavirus has arrived in America.


The Editor: LL, a loyal reader wants to know how a country could accidentally shoot down its own airplane. Do you know how it could happen ?

Aye Matey Cat: I sure do, people make bad decisions for a number of reasons. Here is one view on how it could happen.

Here is a an African American being honored.

The armed forces need to be on a set course not social engineering our society. The second link is a couple of months old.

The Ghost of Ray Mabus Still Haunts the US Navy

Even The Army Times Isn’t Off Limits To Leftist Infection.

Hundreds of these unelected military personnel and bureaucrats want to make their own policy.

Speaking of incompetent people, Congress and the news media are going to be sent to a reeducation resort in the Caribbean to learn how to cooperate and be civil. Polly will teach them.

The dems and politicians still think that we don’t know that there are two ( 2 ) systems of justice in America.

FISA Abuser Andrew McCabe to Participate In Forum On Stopping FISA Abuse

Puerto Rico is a corrupt disaster, just like Boeing and Washington, D.C.

This is an old 1929 Cuban song.