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Oh, My Goodness…..

” Oh my Goodness, I hope Ilhan Omar’s hijab is not in a wad. I do hope she will get back with us Americans as soon as her divorce from her Brother is finalized.”

-Sheila Tolley-





The Editor: Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions, LL ?

Feel Better Cat: I sure did. I’m not going to believe anything with the names New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, or any poll but the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll. Drudge is getting iffy on politics. Here are some interesting items. Does the first link remind you of anyone ?

These people/entities are having problems.

Baltimore Hits Highest Murder Rate Ever, The Mayor’s Response Is Double Facepalm Worthy

Hunter can join Al Sharpton and Stacy Abrams ( the Georgia, USA Governor ) in financial defunctability. Let’s see if ole Joe campaigns in Arkansas.

These cats are not good. Universal is owned by Comcast.

RIP Don Larsen.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Quadrantids over the Great Wall
Image Credit & Copyright: Cheng Luo

Explanation: Named for a forgotten constellation, the Quadrantid Meteor Shower is an annual event for planet Earth’s northern hemisphere skygazers The shower’s radiant on the sky lies within the old, astronomically obsolete constellation Quadrans Muralis. That location is not far from the Big Dipper, at the boundaries of the modern constellations Bootes and Draco. With the radiant out of the frame at the upper right, Quadrantid meteors streak through this night skyscape composed of digital frames recorded in the hours around the shower’s peak on January 4, 2013. The last quarter moon illuminates rugged terrain and a section of the Great Wall in Hebei Province, China. A likely source of the dust stream that produces Quadrantid meteors was identified in 2003 as an asteroid. As usual, in 2020 the shower is expected to peak briefly on the night of January 3/4. Meteor fans in North America can anticpate a good show to celebrate the new year in moonless skies before tomorrow’s dawn.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend

On My Soapbox……A Really Bad Dream

Image result for soapbox free picsWRITTEN BY: SHEILA TOLLEY


I want you to imagine yourself in a nightmare with me. First of all, we must assume that we got our hands on some really bad mushrooms because bad dope would not cause a nightmare of this magnitude.

Just suppose that Gaffe Joe Biden or Socialist Bernie Sanders accidentally becomes president. The first thing we have to worry about is who their choice was for Vice-President. I say that because I do not believe either one of these jokers will live for five more years. Gaffe Joe Biden has already threatened to ask Stacey (I am the governor of Georgia) Abrams to be his running mate. Oh yes, she is one of our Georgia prizes, isn’t she? I guess our other Georgia Icons, Honey Boo Boo and her sister Pumpkin were too busy filming another reality show to consider being Gaffe Joe’s running partner.

Bernie went on his honeymoon to Russia and forgot to come back and Joe is blackmail material for Ukraine. Then we have the Queer Mayor of Southbend, Indiana…..Pete Buttigieg. How much more disgusting can we get? The acronym for his husband, who I assume will be referred to as the First Gentleman, since that is the opposite of First Lady, will be harder to pronounce than Buttigieg’s name. We will go from our most beautiful and classy First Lady Of The United States (FLOTUS) to the FGOTUS. Excuse me while I go throw up.

Hold on, don’t awaken from your nightmare yet. Then we have this Wild Apache Elizabeth Warren. She entersĀ  every rally dancing around like she is doing the Y part of the YMCA dance by The Village People. I think she found some drugs more potent than our mushrooms.

What a sad country we could have? The only positive thing I can say at this point is…..I am glad Castro dropped out because……I could never make myself say the words President and Castro in the same sentence when referring to America.

Oh, but wait….The Wicked Witch of Chappaqua, is not dead yet. Hillary could still come waddling across that finish line in a contested convention.