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Ouch: President Trump Now Has a Higher Approval Rating Than the Media

Michael Bloomberg’s face in the meatballs looks like a likeness of Jesus found in Cheetos.

Michael Bloomberg Had a Horrible Debate Without Attending — His Campaign Twitter Account Goes Off the Rails Last Night



The Editor: Is this just news reports, LL ?

Changes Cat: Yes, it’s just various reports that our computer red-flagged.

Sometimes reality does imitate art. If you support terrorist you are a terrorist or stupid.

Hilarious! ‘Ayatollah Schumeini’ Indignant After Trump Retweets Edited Photo of Him and Pelosi Wearing Turban, Headscarf

The temperature of humans might be changing.

There is more Greenland news.

This is for the man who wants to make a statement, and has a lot of extra money.

So, you want to be a Prince, Princess, or Duke ?

The Democrats have a job for Harry, if he brings his teenage uniform. They need poll workers.

BK has a job for Harry.

This is fun…..Driving Reaction Test

I took the test 3 times..29, 30 & 31…my average 30. I feel younger already!





‘Bet you try it more than once!

This simulates you in the driver’s seat of a car.

You’re driving down a road, when you see a big red hand flash in front of you.
You have to put on the brakes.

Then, the Reaction Time Test tells you how old you are, when it comes to driving.

The test is based on reaction times of 2,000 people ages 18 and over.

The Reaction Time Test plotted their reaction times by age; it matches your reaction time to those averages. Some of the results may surprise you.

The Reaction Time
Test found that left-handed people and men have slightly better reaction times than the average person….
Click link to start your test. Don’t cheat!!


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Apollo 17: A Stereo View from Lunar Orbit
Gene Cernan, Apollo 17, NASA; Anaglyph by Patrick Vantuyne

Explanation: Get out your red/blue glasses and check out this awesome stereo view of another world. The scene was recorded by Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene Cernan on December 11, 1972, one orbit before descending to land on the Moon. The stereo anaglyph was assembled from two photographs (AS17-147-22465, AS17-147-22466) captured from his vantage point on board the Lunar Module Challenger as he and Dr. Harrison Schmitt flew over Apollo 17’s landing site in the Taurus-Littrow Valley. The broad, sunlit face of the mountain dubbed South Massif rises near the center of the frame, above the dark floor of Taurus-Littrow to its left. Beyond the mountains, toward the lunar limb, lies the Moon’s Mare Serenitatis. Piloted by Ron Evans, the Command Module America is visible in orbit in the foreground against the South Massif’s peak.

Tomorrow’s picture: and beyond