It’s become very difficult to differentiate the satire from reality


We definitely cannot fix stupid

These are the Days Of Elijah, Camp Pendleton Marines

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Another Summary…

Today’s True Story of an Angel Encounter

An Angel Opened My Door

Many years ago, I was driving my daughter and some other children to school. I pulled up across the street from the entrance (as so many cars were pulling in the driveway), and I got out and to help them all across the street, not realizing I had closed and locked my door. Frantic, I tried every door, but to no avail. I ran into the school to get a coat hanger and ran out to the car, which by now was idling very fast. I remember saying, “Oh, dear God, help me please!”

In that split-second, a man dressed in what looked like 19th-century clothes approached and said, “Looks like you need some help.” He didn’t talk anymore, but in a minute he had the lock popped with the coat hanger.

“Thank you so much!” I said. I was so happy. I reached into my car to give him some money, which took all of a second, and when I looked up, he was gone! I looked all around in every direction. I should have seen him walking away because the area was very open and he couldn’t have disappeared that fast. I know it was an angel—my guardian angel, I think, and I will never think anything else as long as I live.
Patricia N.