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The Editor: What is going on, LL ?

I Don’t Like It Either Cat: It looks like the Iranians blew up the passenger Plane. I wonder if the MSM will cover it. Here is our history of the developing story that has since developed.

Loyal reader MST suggested, on 1-8-20, that Iran accidentally shot down its own plane, while shooting rockets at Iraq. They are refusing to let Boeing check the Black Boxes.

It Looks Increasingly Likely That Iran Accidentally Shot Down That Ukrainian Airliner

This is today’s information.

BREAKING: U.S. Officials Confirm Iran Shot Down the Ukrainian Airliner


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WHOA!   No…you have not taken a wrong turn….I have simply  changed the color scheme on Tolley’s Topics so that it is easier to read.

You just relax and enjoy the Fun, Facts, Fiction, Foolishness, and the Damn Truth… always, we are here for your Republican reading pleasure!

Sheila Tolley


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Scores of people in Australia are deliberately setting fires.

183 Arsonists Have Been Arrested Over Australia’s Wildfire


The Editor: What is wanted about, LL ?

Get Out Of Dodge Cat: It’s about fighting terrorists. It does no good to tell them to get out of Dodge, they just go to Laramie and kill people there. You have to do like we did in the Old West. Print up a Wanted Dead or Alive poster. If a dedicated citizen takes care of business he/she/other/both/fluid/GLBTQ, or all of the above gets free Nikes for life, a late nite talk show, and a House or Senate seat from California or New York.

We could include the poster in the Communist Daily Newspaper given every day to every House member and Senator. It is probably delivered by an ex Senator who is now working as a lobbyist for the Chinese.

If you are a Democrat and don’t want to harm terrorists—Wire Paladin–San Francisco. Now he wouldn’t live in such a filthy city—Wire Paladin—-Las Vegas

Ghislaine is becoming more wanted.

We know the Bidens have no scruples. They want them.

Those were the days, in the Old West. You had to worry about a bunch of things including Tumbleweeds.

Today’s True Story of an Angel Encounter

An Angel Opened My Door

Many years ago, I was driving my daughter and some other children to school. I pulled up across the street from the entrance (as so many cars were pulling in the driveway), and I got out and to help them all across the street, not realizing I had closed and locked my door. Frantic, I tried every door, but to no avail. I ran into the school to get a coat hanger and ran out to the car, which by now was idling very fast. I remember saying, “Oh, dear God, help me please!”

In that split-second, a man dressed in what looked like 19th-century clothes approached and said, “Looks like you need some help.” He didn’t talk anymore, but in a minute he had the lock popped with the coat hanger.

“Thank you so much!” I said. I was so happy. I reached into my car to give him some money, which took all of a second, and when I looked up, he was gone! I looked all around in every direction. I should have seen him walking away because the area was very open and he couldn’t have disappeared that fast. I know it was an angel—my guardian angel, I think, and I will never think anything else as long as I live.
Patricia N.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Perihelion to Aphelion
Image Credit & Copyright: Ian Griffin (Otago Museum)

Explanation: Perihelion for 2020, the point in Earth’s elliptical orbit when it is closest to the Sun, occurred on January 5th. The distance from the Sun doesn’t determine the seasons, though. Those are governed by the tilt of Earth’s axis of rotation, so January is still winter in the north and summer in southern hemisphere. But it does mean that on January 5 the Sun was at its largest apparent size. This composite neatly compares two pictures of the Sun, both taken from planet Earth with the same telescope and camera. The left half was captured on the date of the 2020 perihelion. The right was recorded only a week before the July 4 date of the 2019 aphelion, the farthest point in Earth’s orbit. Otherwise difficult to notice, the change in the Sun’s apparent diameter between perihelion and aphelion amounts to a little over 3 percent. The 2020 perihelion and the preceding 2019 aphelion correspond to the closest and farthest perihelion and aphelion of the 21st century.

Tomorrow’s picture: clouds like pearls