ON MY SOAPBOX…Greta, May I Borrow Your Sweater

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On January 18…I published one of my little speeches titled “ON MY SOAPBOX….My Club.”

Well evidently, it did not go over so well with some Millennials, also known as Generation Y. They did not like this Baby Boomer saying this excerpt from that post out loud:

I cannot speak for every Baby Boomer, but as for myself, Global Warming is nowhere on my long list of concerns. In fact, as I say my prayers at night, I often thank my Jesus for Global Warming.”

Today I received this video from a fellow Baby Boomer. I could not resist posting it in order to offer a little education to the infuriated Millennials who depart from their safe spaces and grace me with their presence on Tolley’s Topics.

When Greta Thunberg gives them a recess from Green School, maybe they will have a moment to view this video. They may be forced to kiss her ring twice, but it will be worth it.



It Is Impeachment Showtime Folks….

Hurry! Crying Chuck is almost through with his  first whining speech!
-Sheila Tolley-

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Good Ones

















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I believe the word “racist” is the most over-used and abused word circulating in our country today. I am considering hypnosis. I will ask my hypnotist to put me under, then give me the suggestion that my brain always transposes the word racist to the word Sweetheart. People will get quite irritated when they call me racist and I smile and fall in love with them.

Anything can trigger action of this R word now. I do believe I could say, “President Trump gave a great speech at the White House today” and MSM would identify me as a racist because my sentence contained the word, white.  Just for the record, I am not responsible for making Angel Food cake white while Devil’s Food cake is chocolate. I did not bring terrible storms from the black clouds while beautiful sunshine radiates around the white puffy clouds. I was not even the one who discovered black holes in our universe. I have never sold or bought untaxed cigarettes, rhinoceros horns, marijuana, fake identification records, elephant tusks, illegal drugs, or tiger skins on something called The Black Market. I have never blacklisted, blackballed or blackmailed anyone.

Remember our pal, Jussie Smollett? The case where a black actor paid two brown people to put on white face and a red hat, pour bleach on him and beat him up. Now the two brown people are upset with the black actor because he will not admit the truth and they are filing a law suit against the black actor for implying that they (the brown people) are lying. It is odd that, not once, have I heard either of these participants called racist.

Maybe Noah actually started this dilemma. Perhaps he should have sent a crow with the dove to fetch the olive branch. In Noah’s defense, due to the heavy rains and rocking boat, he probably did not realize that centuries later…. we would have encompassing social media with idiotic reporters that would prove to be “AS CRAZY AS OUTHOUSE RATS!”



Assault on Dolly Parton



Rand Paul has a sense of humor.






The Editor: Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, LL ?

Capitalism Cat: It depends on who works harder or who has better ideas. Here is an example.

You can own that Mustang for 3.74 Million dollars. That is what made America great.

TE: That is an great chase scene, CC. The streets of San Francisco were clean, amazing.


Anonymous: I am a new reader. My friend said you were an expert on how to expedite things you want government employees to do, can you advise me ?

Benjamin Cat: I sure can. You need brown paper bags, like the liquor stores use. Half pints, pints, and liter sizes should be enough for most transactions. Don’t use the weight system to count the money, the bills weigh the same. Use the inch method, how high the stack is. Here are some generally accepted guidelines, like accounts and financial advisers use.

Local politicians should get about $1,000.00. Felony crimes can be much more.

State politicians should start at about $10,000.00.

Federal office holders should begin at about $100,000.00. The more you donate the more influence you have. Treat House of Representatives members the same as Senators. House members already have an inferiority complex, so equal payments will pay off in the long run. Can you imagine Pigleosi, Schiff, and Nadler’s attitudes if they were not shown equal respect ? Don’t expect any respect from the government goons. You aren’t dealing with honorable people.

This is what most are qualified for. It is a repeat for our new readers.

Don’t leave money around “willy-nilly” hoping the right crook will find it.


Warren will forgive over a Trillion dollars in student debt. She is giving Manhattan back to the Lenape Native Americans.



Here is some Oscar news.


Australia has a big problem.