Whoa! This is too spooky!

Wait to see destruction after screen blackens and picture reappears again!

This is an extraordinary video, taken automatically from a home installed camera showing New Zealand’s White Island volcano eruption on 9 Dec 2019. 18 people died. Please wait for about 24 seconds when nature’s roar begins and, most importantly, wait another 20+ seconds after the blackout – you think the video has ended but it hasn’t and the screen clears to reveal the devastation.

8 thoughts on “Whoa! This is too spooky!

  1. This is both amazing and devastating. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I had no idea! I can’t imagine seeing that coming at you at such a speed. Yikes! Wow!

  2. Computer Generated. Plus the Tell Tell is the fact that the Camera lens has not a single smudge nor suit on it after the smoke clears. The cars look Computer Generated. and Smoke alone does not clear away a Hedge from a yard.

  3. I know that video had me backing away from my computer screen. I know the fish in JAWS was computer generated and that one startled me also.

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