ON MY SOAPBOX….Rappin’ with racey stacey



I know everyone in Tolley’s Topics Readerland knows just how much I love our prize of Georgia, Stacey (I’m A racist) Abrams. In fact, I love her so much that I wrote her a little rap song. Be sure to get your mental image properly dressed. Racey Stacey in her Moo Moo doing a Hip Hop song & dance for her Joe Joe….then read it with Rappy Rhythm. Racey Stacey calls her dance The Corn Pop Hop. Above all, remember, a good rapper must ALWAYS grab their crotch multiple times during the chorus….Enjoy!


hey joe, whats up, bro?…i’m doing lotsa interviews, ya know…you gotta pick a woman you all locked into dat…you don’t need kamala, after yo little spat…on dat stage, you was two fools a’fussing…she was a’yellin, bout  yo skool kid bussin’

wake up joe, i’ll be yo Mo Jo

stand up joe, i’ll be yo Mo Jo

old Californi is gonna stay blue… with my racey stacey help…you could swing Georja too…i am da govnor of dis state of da peach…so we all know for sure Veep is in my reach…you gotta do, what you gotta do…cause Tara Reade’s Mama done told on you… they gonna use their bag of tricks, …with Larry King a’starring on Netflix

wake up joe, i’ll be yo Mo Jo

stand up joe, i’ll be yo Mo Jo

yo hair smellin’ and woman grabbin’ is blowing up on you…and after all that happens…you have to fight #MeToo…i know you a’hopin’ they forget about yo gropin…but tv ads gonna help those pictures scatter… you need me, Ray Charles can even see…you have to have the love of #BlackLivesMatter

wake up joe, i’ll be yo Mo Jo

stand up joe, i’ll be yo Mo Jo

a cow in a jumper mooning. - Drawception

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