Thoughts….Doing nothing is not an option

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Many years ago I developed a theory about how people deal with problems that has proven to be true in almost all cases. Stated simply it says that there are always ample reasons not to take any proposed course of action, regardless of how necessary that action may be.

Evidence of this can be found whenever a group assembles to solve a problem or develop a strategy to achieve a goal. Since no one thinks as highly of an idea as its originator, there are always some who will point out potential pitfalls (which may be totally ridiculous) for any proposal. They seem to think that doing nothing is a better approach. Of course this makes no sense at all, everyone should realize that no plan is perfect and everything involves risk.

Then you also have those who, with the enormous benefit of hindsight, criticize what has been done because perfection was not achieved.

Many in the so-called news media and the leftists use these strategies against the Trump administration and the American people. They serve no useful purpose and only impede progress.

An old adage says that “It takes all kinds.” That’s not true, we happen to have all kinds. There are some we could do very well without.


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