You Are Invited to ASD Market Week - Perfume Price

 AND ENCOURAGED TO……Make Tomorrow, July 7, 2020, your SUPER TUESDAY For Shopping ….

-Sheila Tolley-


Don’t forget…BLM is promoting a shopping Blackout Day scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, July 7. They encourage your spending to be confined to only stores owned by black people on that day.

I am not sure how this works, but somehow, BLM thinks that…’hurting the American economy’ will turn George Floyd into Black Lazarus. BLM will get millions from “kowtowing white groups ,  businesses and individuals.” Amazon, Google, NASCAR, Facebook, Apple, all Sneaky Democrats, Some Sorry Republican RINOS, Nike, Roger Goodell, George Soros, etc. Too many Maggots to list.

(I posted their link at the bottom of this post…directly under my shopping cart for tomorrow.)


So, I say…Let’s have a GIGANTIC SHOPPING SPREE TOMORROW…Tuesday, July 7th. If you normally buy groceries on Monday, go a day later…and buy extra goodies. If you normally buy groceries on Wednesday, go a day earlier… and buy extra goodies.

Please Remember….SHOP TIL’ YOU DROP…..TOMORROW…JULY 7, 2020!



Typography Illustration Featuring The Phrase Shop Til You Drop ...


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