ON MY SOAPBOX…Quiet: Government Zone: No Thinking Allowed



We have heard it all….over and over again. Mask, yes. Mask, no. Keep your distance.

Do you think anyone will ever say this out loud: The best protection against Covid 19, as well as other viruses, is a healthy immune system. You have your very own system. God started building the foundation before you were born.

I have heard no one suggest this simple remedy.

A healthy immune system will sniff out the corona-bug as soon as it enters the body. It will send a little Army of antibodies to build a wall around it while it is being analyzed. Then they will kill it. Next, your Army will send a complete analysis back to your brain, as a back-up. Your personal Army will stand guard and recognize this invader the next time it tries to enter your body. No wall will be necessary, it will be destroyed.

So why are people dying? Because they are old or have a compromised immune system.

The problem is, we cover our face, hide inside, avoid sunshine (like Dracula), avoid other people, and devour junk food. We live closed mouth, without objection, in our Mandated Government Bubble. We patiently wait on some Magical Genie to crawl out of the bottle with a petri dish and bring us ANOTHER miracle vaccine.

Meanwhile, your God-Given Army dies. Why not? It is un-nourished and un-appreciated. I guess Defunded would be the appropriate word nowadays.

I am ten months shy of seventy years old. I trust God’s plan. It has always worked great for me.



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