No One Rained On This Parade

This past weekend was quite an eventful time for Hank Ashmore aka The Deplorable Infidel. Hank, along with his brother Len and cousin John participated in a boat parade. This was not JUST a boat parade. This was a Boat Parade for President Donald Trump.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources estimates roughly 1,500 boats filled Clarks Hill Lake, rallying in support of President Trump.

The boat parade started at noon Saturday and ended around 1:30 p.m. Boats spanned over nearly every corner of the lake, and there wasn’t a shortage of participates on the sidelines, either.

Spectators lined the banks and watched from the picnic areas.

At least two small planes joined the parade from the skies. Spectators could purchase flags, T-shirts and more from a pop-up shop at a gas station near the lake.


Hank, Len and John as they prepare to leave the marina.

The sign on the back of John’s boat reads: YOU CANT STOP STUPID, BUT YOU CAN VOTE IT OUT. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La)

PLEASE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 3! Let’s Vote out all Democrats who are running for any office.

The theme for the parade was”FOUR MORE YEARS”


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