ON MY SOAPBOX…Praise the Lord



Do you remember when people in church were addressed with the prefixes of Sister and Brother? The preacher would make announcements such as: “We are glad to have Brother Clyde and Sister Sara safely back from their vacation to Rock City.” Or “Brother Lemmie will lead us in prayer.” Or “Brother Eugene, will you please pass the offering plate?”

Many people could play the piano in the days of churches past. They were happy to volunteer their time and freely share their musical talent. No air conditioners muffled the music as the congregation stood to sing about going to The Sweet Bye And Bye where they would Gather At The River. In the Summer, the church doors were open wide so a little air could circulate. People  could easily hear the singing about The Rock of Ages. It was very clear that our Christians cherished The Old Rugged Cross and would one day trade their earthly trophies for a crown.

Do you remember when preachers had real jobs? Remember, they preached because they loved the Lord and wanted to spread his word. Their reward for preaching was a church house in which to live, rent free, called a parsonage.

Take a guess at what the average salary is today for preachers. The average salary is $52,000 with the high side being $87,000. Hold on one more minute. Many preachers also get a bonus  averaging $4,700.

I do not like this new world and I do not like these new preachers. What do they do to get the bonus? Do they put the souls they save in a jar and turn them in each year? More souls, bigger bonus?

It appears to me that dragging $87,000 plus a bonus will be just as tough as dragging that proverbial camel through the eye of a needle.

I will get emails from people who will tell me that “Times Change.” My reply: The Bible doesn’t.

What is your preacher’s real job?

Jesus was a carpenter.

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