9 thoughts on “WHAM!!!!!

  1. If you notice the police officer who knocked her was a black officer and not the white officer that was being struck by this ignorant person.
    More power to the police.

  2. Love it we need more policing like this maybe some of this 0craxy shit would stop. I noticed her fella didn’t want any of it when he was acting big. Keep up the good work giys

    • I have watched it several times myself, Joe. In fact, I am going to watch it a few more times.

  3. I hope the pavement ain’t hurt to bad. And the officers fist.
    Bet it took a lot of bacon to make her that wide!

  4. Bet she was eating some of that country bacon Robert. No if she can’t get a I. D. she probably didn’t know what to ask for

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