ON MY SOAPBOX….Take a mental trip with me



Have you ever tried to recall all the places that you have lived in your life? I am speaking of the times when you actually packed up all your belongings and moved to another location.

I am 70 years old and I actually listed mine in order to count them so that I could write this little post.

I am seventy years old. These are my moves:  Georgia (20), Florida (4), Nevada (2), Virginia (1), Arkansas (2). That is 29 times that I packed up all my belongings and changed addresses. If that number is inaccurate, the actual number will be higher because I specifically remember these 29 moves.

Hold on….I am getting to an important point.

We all know that as we pack up to move, we tend to throw away some items that do not seem to be relative or important at that moment. Old things that we have accumulated through the years…out they go.

My reader base is probably 80% Baby Boomers. All of you lived through Woodstock, The Vietnam War, The JFK Assassination, and the 9/11/01 War that brought down the Twin Towers.  BUT, I guarantee very few of you have the actual newspapers about those events.

I say all that, to say this….a loyal reader, Jim Carlin, has sent me a copy of a newspaper article that he found in a box of papers from 1942. The headline is referring to the “JAPS ATTACK ON MORESBY.” I will be posting a copy of his article on Monday’s Memorial Day edition of Tolley’s Topics.

We have all heard the saying “if walls could talk.”

What if this 79 year old newspaper could talk? How many times did it get moved, yet saved? Unpacked, yet saved? Repacked, yet saved? Someone in Jim’s family had the incredible foresight to know that this was not just an ordinary newspaper clipping.

Although the entire 20 page newspaper only cost one nickel in 1942.

1942 Jefferson Nickel Value | CoinTrackersMy sincere thanks to Jim Carlin.

See you Monday.


Memorial Day 2015

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